Starting with the Basics

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If you're like us (and we think you are), you can't ever get enough information about snowmobiles, particularly mountain sleds.

At SnoWest Magazine we have way more information than we can squeeze into the few pages we print every issue of every season. We have enough stats, seat-of-the-pants impressions (so to speak) and pictures to fill volumes. Yet only a portion of it ever gets used.

To try and fix that, we're devoting more space to the actual machines this publishing season, especially the 800 segment, which is the most popular mountain segment in the West.

To achieve that, one thing we're doing is breaking the base models and premium models into two different stories, where in the past we've meshed them together. In this issue of SnoWest, we've covered the 800 base models-three total-from Arctic Cat, Polaris and Ski-Doo. In the October issue we'll write about our Mountain 800 shootout, where we compare the 800s against each other. We'll also write about the base model 600s.

Then in November we'll provide a Mountain 4-stroke story going into detail about what's available for 2012, which expanded significantly when Arctic Cat joined Yamaha in producing four-stroke mountain sleds. November is also the issue where you'll find our Mountain 600 shootout.

We didn't forget about the mountain freeride segment. That shootout comes in December.

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