Boondocker, Tapio Racing, Build Turbo 2012 Arctic Cat M800 Race Sleds for Jackson Hillclimb

SnoWest gets behind-the-scenes look at turbo system development

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Nels Tapio, Kyle Tapio and Russ Tapio of Tapio Racing have teamed up with Boondocker Performance and Arctic Cat to build two modified 2012 Arctic Cat ProClimb M800s for this weekend's World Championship Snowmobile Hillclimb in Jackson, Wyoming (March 24-27) .

The sleds are running prototype Boondocker turbo systems complete with intercoolers and boost controllers. The one-off race turbo systems were designed and fabricated over a two-week period in February at Boondocker's facility in Idaho Falls, ID.

The systems aren't necessarily a representation of what a production Boondocker turbo kit would look like this Fall, according to Junior Young at Boondocker. These race systems are using custom-built intercoolers and oil tanks, with hand-fabricated mounting systems and charge air tubing. Even the exhaust has been hand-build to fit the ProClimb chassis for a race application. The exhaust dumps out the factory exhaust exit in the belly pan, by the way.

The Tapio brothers have made a few additional modifications to the pre-production race units for hillclimb competition. First off, they have switched from the vertical steering post back to the laid-down steering that comes standard on the 2012 base-model M800. They say that steering setup gives them better control on a gated hillclimb course.

Tapios have also lowered the seat and built custom fuel cells for the race sleds. They are also running EZ-Ryde rear suspensions. The brothers have racked up a lot of seat time on the new chassis, and are confident that they will be competitive on the new sleds at an event like Jackson.

While the goal is for at least two brothers race these sleds in Pro 800 Modified and Pro Open Modified, a worst-case scenario would have one of the brothers make an exhibition run up the course. But if you're race fans like us, you want to see Nels, Russ or Kyle run the 2012 Cat with the timers running and a class or King title on the line.

Tapio Racing, based in Brush Prairie, Washington, has been on the scene as a dominant force for years on the RMSHA circuit. To date, the trio is holding down 15 top-10 places in the point standings over eight different classes. Kyle Tapio is currently sitting in eighth in Pro 800 Stock, second in Pro 1000 Stock, third in Pro 800 Improved, second in Pro 800 Modified and first in Pro Open Modified.

Russ is currently sitting 10th in Pro 1000 Stock points, seventh in Pro 600 Modified, second in Pro 700 Modified, fourth in Pro 800 Modified and fourth in Pro Open Modified. Nels currently holds 10th in Pro 1000 Improved points, first in Pro 600 Modified, third in Pro 700 Modified, third in Pro 800 Modified and sixth in Pro Open Modified.

Tapio Racing has used Boondocker turbo systems on its Modified race sleds for several years. Boondocker-equipped sleds have claimed a long string of King of the Hill titles and class victories since they have become a mainstay in the Modified class.

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You can learn more about Tapio Racing at
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