Arctic Cat Teaser No. 2 (No, Really, This Is Good Stuff)

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So, I've gotten a ton of sledheads e-mailing me since that first video went out. Here's what people are already saying about it:


"Big deal? It's just a shot of a ski! I want more!"

"Your camerawork is for crap!"

"Carl, will you marry me, you dashing stud?"


Let me take these one at a time. To answer the first question, I'll say this: Just Wait! This next video's got it all. And by "all," I mean not quite all, but it's another piece to the 2012 snowmobile puzzle that you didn't have.


Okay, so my camera work is subpar. Sue me. I'm a welder, not some film school doofus.


And as for the third question: Sorry, sweetheart. I appreciate the compliment, but I'm happy with wife number three here, so no thanks.


Well, I hope you folks like this video. Looking back, I wish I hadn't followed every anonymous tip that came my way. But, ya know, live and learn.

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