2012 Arctic Cat Teaser (For Real, Man)

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You remember me, don't ya? It's Carl! You know, the guy whose Arctic Cat snowmobile got stolen by a couple of stupid moose a few years back.


Anyhoo, there's a buncha sledheads out there, claiming they've got shots of the 2012 Cats. They're posting them online and causing a ruckus. I've been looking at these shots, and, if you ask me, there's NO WAY the pictures by these "insiders" are real.


That's why I hopped over to the Arctic plant (and some other places) to get the straight dope. I'm not saying I'm the next Spielberg or anything, but the stuff I shot with my little handheld is nothing short of cool.


And while I've got your ear, check out this link for the official 2012 Snowmobile Launch on March 8. If you can't make it there (like me), you can click below and watch it on your computer or laptop or whatever:



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