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Published in the January 2011 Issue Sledheads
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I recently had the privilege of some of the higher ups at Polaris come see me for a ride at our new facility in Colorado. We were blessed with some of that early November snow I'm always talking about and it was so cool to be able to show these guys what mountain riding is all about and why we love it so much. In the many great conversations we had over our couple days of riding one stuck out clear as a bell to me. The conversation went a little like this: 

Polaris: "So what would you like to see as a mountain sled in the future from Polaris?"

My first thought: "Well duh, a Chris Burandt Woods Edition 375lb Pro RMK with a Boondocker Turbo stock from the!"

My actual answer: "Well, you guys have now seen the type of terrain that we are able to take these current machines into. I truly feel this is the direction us mountain riders are moving towards. Steeper and more technical terrain rather than the big open hills and meadow type riding. So with that being said I would like something lighter, maybe smaller in size, more maneuverable and of course more power for us 10,000ft plus guys."

Polaris: "Is this current chassis something that will be able to take mountain riding to the next level?"

My first thought: "If these guys could have seen the line I somehow pulled off while they were waiting for me to get back to the top where they were sitting, they would make every rider sign a waiver stating that Polaris did not intend for their snowmobiles to be used and abused in such a fashion. The predicament I was able to get out of with this machine was something that I'm not sure I could have pulled off on any other sled I have ridden. But don't tell them this because I still want that Woods Edition sled I was talking about!"

My actual answer: "The Pro RMK will take mountain riding to the next level without a doubt. We just can't rest on the success of this sled; someone is always going to have something newer and cooler."

Polaris: "Well duh, why do you think we're here?"

I was all smiles.

The conversation only got better and more technical from there. I can't say enough about the effort that Polaris is making to be back on top in the West again. In my opinion the new Pro has what it takes to make the RMK the top dog in the mountain segment again. However, I think if I keep getting these guys stuck badly enough they will keep listening to guys like me and keep building us our dream sleds year after year.


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