Ben Stiller Crashed Tom Cruise's Snowmobile Last Christmas

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By Sophie Eager

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Little Fockers star Ben Stiller said he crashed Tom Cruise's snowmobile when he stayed at his Colorado ranch for Christmas last year.

The 45-year-old funny guy told how Cruise lent him his impressive home for the holidays last year but he had an accident while trying out his snowmobile.

Speaking during an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, he said: "Last year we had a fun Christmas, we had a really exciting adventure. Tom Cruise, who I'm friends with, offered us his home in Colorado.

"They brought out all these snowmobiles for us to ride. I've never driven one. They said: "Here ride the snowmobiles.""

He added: "Of course, it's Tom Cruise"s house - his snowmobiles - they're like supercharged, hydrogen-fuelled, you don't sit down on them, you stand up and he has a guy, who"s like his own snowmobile wrangler.

"And so he said: "You don't just turn them like this, if you want to make a sharp turn you have to jump literally all the way to the other side." So I did it, then I said: "Oh this isn't that bad!"

"So he took me out on a run on this trail and it was incredible. It went out to the edge of this precipice and I was looking out over this cliff and he does the turn in front of me.

"So then I realised I have to do the jump thing to make the turn and just as I was doing the turn I saw an elk and I sort of got distracted by the elk, looking at the elk, and I guess I didn"t turn sharp enough and I fell off the snowmobile.

"And the snowmobile started heading, literally down the side of the mountain. This all happened in a split second I'm not exaggerating.

"He looked at me and said: "Dude, I didn't tell Tom I was gonna let you ride the snowmobile." I said: "Okay, I'll call him and he'll be cool."

"I called him up, I said: "Tom... I kind of almost crashed the snowmobile, I did crash the snowmobile."

"And there was a long silence and then I just hear: "Did you use nitris?" I'm like: "I don't know..." [Tom said:] "That's great, that's great!" Then I heard him say: "Hey honey, Ben crashed the snowmobile! That's great, that's great!""

Stiller then apologised for the accident but Tom then told him: "That's what they're there for!"

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