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When your outdoor activities put yourself into a life-or-death survival situation, there are two things which will determine which end of the "life or death" you will be closest to: First, knowing what to do; and second, having the proper tools to cope with your situation.

SPOT LLC provides lifesaving communications technology designed for even the most remote locations around the world by combining the GPS satellite network to determine the user's location with the Globalstar network to transmit the information to family, friends or an international emergency response center.

SPOT has recently launched
 a program called "Prepare Yourself" that is designed to bring attention to outdoor readiness and responsibility. Regardless of skill level, outdoor enthusiasts should constantly be evaluating their ability and equipment. The "Prepare Yourself" program is a means to keep outdoor enthusiasts focused on advanced planning, researching the route and terrain, staying current on first aid and CPR skills and knowing how to use safety and survival equipment.

SnoWest Magazine, we have found that having a SPOT Messenger in our backpack offers two distinct advantages: First, wherever we ride we know that we have the means to contact help resources and provide them with our GPS location at any time. Second, we often use SPOT to transmit our locations when we want to be able to study it a little more thoroughly on Google Earth.

Equipped with two notification LEDs and six function buttons, the new SPOT Messenger transmits activated messages based on varying levels of need.
SOS notifies an emergency response center of your GPS location; Help notifies your contact list, or SPOT Assist professional services of your GPS location and need for assistance; Check-in/OK lets contacts know where you are and that you're okay; Custom Message sends an additional pre-programmed message to your personal contacts; and Track Progress sends and saves your location and allows contacts to track your progress in near real-time using Google Maps.

Since market introduction in November 2007, SPOT has initiated more than 800 rescues in 51 countries on land and at sea.

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