Ride Safe Today - So You Can Ride Again Tomorrow!


Haslett, MI - The winter of 2010-2011 is rapidly approaching and the International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association has prepared for safety trainers and snowmobile enthusiasts some new and updated Safe Riders! campaign material.


The material consists of a 22-minute safety video that is used in conjunction with safety training worldwide. ISMA also has available video public service announcements and radio public service announcements. ISMA distributes snowmobiling fact books free of charge, which contain more than 20 pages of facts on snowmobiling that can be used when discussing issues with land access managers, politicians, community leaders and others. Also available are the Safe Riders! posters. The posters cover proven safety messages including:


·        Snowmobiling and alcohol don't mix - Don't drink a ride

·        Ride Smart Ride Right - Stay in Control

·        When night riding, slow down - Expect the unexpected

·        Know before you go - Always check local ice conditions

·        Cross with care - Don't become road kill

·        One is the loneliest number - Never ride alone

·        Ride Safe, stay on the trail - Respect private property

·        Know the risks and be prepared - Make every trip a round trip

·        And more.


The poster series features world class artwork created by Robert Van Nood and the posters are and can be displayed in warming huts, restaurants, lounges, club houses, schools, offices, garages and elsewhere.


If you are in need of some Safe Riders! materials, visit the ISMA website at www.snowmobile.org and request an order form for our free Safe Riders! material.


In addition to the safety material available from the manufacturers, at this time of year we look to the "Old Farmer's Almanac" prediction.  In case you haven't seen the latest edition, here are a few highlights which are contained in the "Old Farmer's Almanac." They predict a frigid winter - citing that most of the country will see a colder-than-usual winter. It also states the earth's atmosphere will cool in the coming year.  Janice Stillman, editor of the almanac says, "It'll be cold.  There will be no mistaking winter."

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