X Games Weekend Report

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In a World of His Own

Hibbert Takes Fifth Gold In SnoCross


Aspen, Colo. - For the last few years, the story in snocross has been the same. Tucker Hibbert starts fast, stays fast and comes away with the gold medal.


This year was no different, as Hibbert controlled the snocross race from start to finish winning with a time of 14:58.879, winning by almost 28 seconds.


"I just got an excellent start and I was able to put it all together and kept plugging away," Hibbert said of his ninth medal and fifth consecutive gold at the Winter X Games in snocross. "I am grateful for all my races good and bad. I have learned from them all."


With a time of 15:26.571, the silver went to Ross Martin, who made the final race after finishing last in round one.


"I started out with a rough day and I had to go through the Last Chance Qualifier," Martin said. "It really wasn't my day, but it turned out. I knew a podium spot was possible, anything is possible."


Ryan Simons' time of 15:29.804 was good enough for the bronze.


"I am pumped for bronze," an excited Simons said. "I wish I could have stayed silver, but I am stoked to medal. It is so bittersweet at X Games; you are either on top of the world or way down."


SnoCross is today's most popular form of snowmobile racing for athletes and spectators alike, with its combination of high-flying aerial displays and technical racing. Racers battle on a closed course track lined with rollers, jumps and bermed corners.This year's supercross-style track has been designed with bigger hits and more room for passing. 


Snowmobile SnoCross

Final results from Aspen/Snowmass on Sunday, Jan. 31


            Name                          Bib #                           Equipment                 Time

1.         Tucker Hibbert               68                                 Arctic Cat                      14:58.879

2.         Ross Martin                  837                                Polaris                          15:26.571

3.         Ryan Simons                67                                 Arctic Cat                      15:29.804

4.         Bobby Lepage              244                                Polaris                           15:33.048

5.         Paul Baurely                  24                                Arctic Cat                      15:38.087

6.         Andrew Johnstad          255                                Polaris                           15:44.942

7.         Tim Tremblay                11                                 Ski-Doo                          20:00.367

8.         Matt Judnick                 58                                 Polaris                           20:02.489

9.         Robbie Malinoski           4                                  Polaris                           20:03.431

10.        Matt Morin                    27                                Ski-Doo                         23:56.790

11.        Brett Turcotte                16                                Ski-Doo                         24:13.108

12         Matt Piche                    51                                Polaris                          25:26.026

13.        Cory Davis                    160                              Arctic Cat         1:07:24.750 (DNF)

14.        Levi LaVallee                 108                              Polaris             1:16:35.249 (DNF)

15.        Garth Kaufman              48                                Arctic Cat         1:40:00.00 (DNF)


An Inspirational Victory

Schultz Wins Gold In Inaugural Adaptive SnoCross Event


Aspen, Colo. - Mike Schultz's time of 5:18.403 secured his gold medal in the first Adaptive SnoCross competition at Winter X Games 14.


"I can't explain it," an exuberant Schultz said. "I have been working so hard and have been for a long time. To come back here and win, I couldn't be happier."


Competing in Winter X Games is not a new experience for Schultz. As a five-year veteran of the snocross competition, Schultz knew what to expect. What was new for Schultz was competing in snocross after suffering a serious left leg injury that required amputation.


"Not long after my accident I wanted to get back into this stuff," Schultz said. "So I built my own gear to start racing again. I knew this track would be great to race on. This event was so great for me. It has been one year since my accident and it feels so great to race again."


With a time of 5:32.852, Jim Wazny won the silver medal with Doug Henry taking the bronze. Henry said that the competition does wonders for the competitor's mental state as they struggle through life with a disability.


"We all struggle everyday, but an event and competition like this gives us so much energy to go out and compete," Henry said. 


"I just had so much fun. I just want to thank ESPN for giving us this chance. This is the first time I have raced since my accident and it feels so great to be a part of an event again."


"I am honored that ESPN recognizes adaptive sports like this," the silver medalist Wazny added.


New to Winter X Games 14, Adaptive SnoCross features six racers who will battle in one heat of six on a closed course track lined with rollers, jumps and bermed corners. The Adaptive SnoCross competition uses the same course as snowmobile snocross, with a few slight adjustments to accommodate the adaptive athletes. 


Adaptive SnoCross

Final Results from Aspen/Snowmass on Sunday, Jan. 31, 2010


Name                          Bib #               Equipment                             Time (in seconds)

1.         Mike Schultz                  5                      Ski-Doo                                    5:18.403

2.         Jim Wazny                    767                   Polaris                                      5:32.852

3.         Doug Henry                  19                     Yamaha                                    5:34.217

4.         Jeff Tweet                     177                   Arctic Cat                                  5:56.507

5.         E.J. Poplawski              76                     Ski-Doo                                     11:02.254

6.         Travis Gravelle              262                   Ski-Doo                          23:50.135 (DNF)


Frisby "Glides" In For The Gold

Takes Top Honor with His Final Run of the Evening


Aspen, Colo. - The jubilation was evident on the face of Heath Frisby following Snowmobile Best Trick. The years of hard work had finally paid off, and Frisby couldn't hold the emotion before the gold medal was adorned around his neck.


"Ever since I was little kid I watched this," Frisby said of win. "It is all I ever wanted and it means so so much to me."


The winning trick, an indian air ruler flip, requires the rider to race off the ramp into a backflip. With the snowmobile upside down at the peak of the jump, the rider holds on giving the impression of hangliding from the 500-pound snowmobile, while kicking his feet out. The trick scored Frisby a 90.66 sealing the title.


"Basically you just jump as hard as you can and swing those hips," Frisby said of the winning jump.


The fourth time was a charm for silver medalist Daniel Bodin, who took a medal for the first time in his X Games career. His medal-winning jump, a heart attack backflip, was a trick he just learned today.


"This is the first time I pulled this trick, I just learned it this morning," Bodin said of the trick that scored him an 89.33.


Bronze went to Levi LaVallee, whose ruler flip off the bar, scored him an 89.00.


Snowmobile best trick features eight of the top snowmobile athletes in the world showcasing never- before-seen tricks in a final-only format.


Snowmobiles Best Trick Final

Results from Aspen/Snowmass on Friday, Jan. 29, 2010


Name                          Bib No.           Hometown                             Score                         

1.         Heath Frisby                 72                     Bellevue, Idaho                         90.66

2.         Daniel Bodin                 70                     Malung, Sweden                        89.33

3.         Levi LaVallee                 108                   Longville, Minn.                      89.00

4.         Joe Parsons                 78                     Yakima, Wash.                             87.66

5.         Colten Moore                73                     Krum, Texas                              84.33

6.         Caleb Moore                 76                     Krum, Texas                              83.66

7.         Justin Hoyer                  74                     Ellsworth, Wis.                          83.33

8.         Paul Thacker                 81                     Anchorage, Alaska                    81.00

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