Shock Tech

What you need to know about your snowmobile's shocks

December 2009 Feature Ryan Harris Viewed 14196 time(s)

Your sled's shocks can be the reason you either love or hate your snowmobile. And yet they are often the most neglected area of the machine when it comes to time spent on tuning. Trust us: all it takes is one ride on a dialed-in sled to make you realize what you're missing-even just by making adjustments to existing components.

One of the reasons that shocks are overlooked is because they are-individually and as a suspension system-complex. You can adjust, manipulate and change a sled's handling by changing springs, adjusting spring preload tension, high-speed compression damping, low-speed compression damping, rebound damping, oil levels, valving, air pressure, needle size, etc. However, there are just a few things you really need to know to gain better control of your sled's suspension. Most modern mountain sleds come equipped with high-quality shocks that offer a wide range of adjustment. And if yours doesn't, there are several options for aftermarket shocks that would change your perspective on your sled's handling.

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