Letters to the Editor

Published in the September 2009 Issue Column

2-Stroke's Days May Be Numbered

Dear Editor:
When I read the letter to the editor from the "carrot snapper" in SnoWest ["Yamaha Snow," January, 2009, page 10] that trashed Yamaha snowmobiles, I had to respond.

The knowledgeable enthusiast realizes that ALL snowmobile manufacturers are producing several sleds in their lineup that can climb any humanly possible mountain or enjoy the deepest powder. Selection comes down to personal preferences, special features or a continuing commitment to a brand that you may have been riding for years.

With our environmentally-conscious society and government, 2-stroke days may be numbered. Yamaha has had the foresight by developing the 4-stroke. Yamaha has continued through the years to have the reputation for their research and development programs, reliability, fuel economy, low emissions, ease of operation and low cost of operation.

I can't help but think that the two sleds you observed parked, watching the other sleds, were probably the young children of the party riding their grandpa's old reliable Yamahas.

If you ever come to Idaho, my 2009 Yamaha Nytro would enjoy throwing a little fresh powder your way.

Monika Shook
Idaho Falls, ID


Fuji Phazer?

Dear Editor:
On page 21 in the "Change. Why?" story [SnoWest, January, 2009], my tech sheet shows the Phazer as having a Polaris engine. I don't think that's the case, but then again, my wife says it's safer when I don't think. Could you clear this up for me please?

Jason Whittaker
Naples, ID

(ED-Someone else was suggesting maybe that was our latest project sled ... but I'm afraid it's a simple mistake we made. The Phazer does indeed have a Yamaha engine.)


Posters In The Magazine

Dear Editor:
Hi. I am a beginner snowmobiler and was thinking that you can put some tips and a poster with the next issue.

Write me back and see what you think.

I'm a huge fan of SnoWest.

Ruston Conder
Riverton, WY

Poster(ED-We actually answered Ruston's e-mail a while ago. But since his e-mail we have some more information we'd like to pass along. Our publisher Steve Janes is putting together some riding tips for our annual vacation guide, the Western Guide to Snowmobiling, so watch for that. As for the poster, we are going to do something along those lines. Soon you'll find a link on SnoWest's homepage that you can click on to purchase a poster. The posters will feature some of our best action shots from the previous season, similar to the picture we've included with this letter. We'll also be selling a few at the Idaho Snowmobile Show and Intermountain Snowmobile Show. A price for each poster hadn't been determined yet by the time we went to print with this issue but more information will be available on our website.)

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