Snowmobiles Built To The Highest Of Standards

Published in the March 2009 Issue Industry News Ed Klim
President, International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association
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The snowmobile manufacturers continually improve quality and certification production standards for snowmobiles.

As we all know, snowmobile engines are now built to strict EPA emission standards and requirements. The snowmobile manufacturers are preparing to introduce their model 2010 snowmobiles, which are required to meet EPA phase 2 emission standards. The phase 2 standard tightens up emission requirements considerably and requires updated emission-related technology into the marketplace.

Snowmobilers will see this new technology at spring shows in 2009 and will be experiencing the new products next winter. Based on snow cover and the cold temperatures this winter, we are confident that many snowmobilers will be enjoying the new products in the near future.

In addition to stricter emission standards, the manufacturers continue to work on building quieter snowmobiles. Snowmobile sound testing procedures are being reviewed and updated by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and you can rest assured the vehicles will be tested to these new rigid standards and our vehicles will meet these new testing standards.

All new snowmobiles built by the four snowmobile manufacturers of ISMA (Arctic Cat, BRP, Polaris, and Yamaha) are SSCC certified. The Snowmobile Safety Certification Committee (SSCC) requires new snowmobiles be certified and audited by an independent, third party, testing laboratory. The laboratory the manufacturers of ISMA use is SGS US Testing Company, the second largest third party testing laboratory in the world. There are 29 separate standards and SAE certification requirements which all new snowmobiles must meet. These standards cover areas such as:

  1. Sound level
  2. Fuel system
  3. Lighting
  4. Control systems
  5. Shields
  6. Safety guards

The certification process is deliberate, concise, and intense. All engineering specifications must be met and on site testing and audits both announced and unannounced are conducted by laboratory personnel.

The manufacturers, collectively through the SAE and through ISO (International Standards Organization), are always refining and reviewing the standards and preparing the standards for an international standards review. The manufacturers, through the SSCC, have joined the ISO working groups and we will be working with these groups in sharing technical information, standards and certification procedures so our products continue to be recognized and certified to the very highest of standards worldwide.

When you ride your snowmobile, there is an SSCC label affixed to the tunnel. The label verifies your vehicle has been certified to the highest of standards recognized internationally.

The future of snowmobiling is bright and full of promise and new technology. The new technology brings new product quality to the marketplace for all of us to enjoy.

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