Dyno Port Summit XP 800R Exhaust Install

March 2009 Feature Jacob White Viewed 887 time(s)

The new Ski-Doo Summit XP 800R packs a pretty good punch. The engineering team in Ski-Doo's Mountain department has really built a sled capable of almost anything on the mountain. Great rider ergonomics, amazing deep snow ability, and astonishing power. Like anything though, there is always room for improvement, right?

When it comes to mountain riding, less weight and more power is always a main goal with any sled. There aren't many ways to shave weight on an already very light chassis such as the Summit XP and the 800 doesn't really need more power either, but better performance never hurts. The folks at Dyno Port are now producing a Big Volume Mountain single pipe, Y-Pipe, and Trail Can that can accomplish both those goals.

The new exhaust system from Dyno Port can be bought as separate pieces or in kit form for the ultimate performance package. You also have your choice of high temp black or ceramic-coated pieces. The ceramic-coated pipe we installed offers a four horsepower improvement over stock and 4.7 pounds in weight reduction. Dyno Port's high flow Y-Pipe will add another three horsepower on top of that as well, for a total of seven added horsepower at peak. While seven hp may not seem like much, these components used in conjunction with their Trail Can (8.2 pounds lighter than the stock muffler) will offer a much broader power band. Widening that peak rpm range by over 100 rpm. Best of all, the system won't require jetting changes in most applications and the stock clickers can be adjusted to work with it as well. Dyno Port recommends their clutch kit for the best performance.

Better performance, 12.9 pound weight reduction and great looks. The Dyno Port system has it all. For more information you can visit their website at www.dynoport.com or call them at 315-253-9631.

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