M-Series Rear Bumper Facelift

Installing Black Diamond's Pro Lite Series Rear Bumper kit

February 2009 Feature Viewed 1544 time(s)

Shedding weight wherever possible is pretty much numero uno on our to do list. But finding parts that cut weight and improve a sled's ability to go through deep snow is always a bonus.

Since the Arctic Cat M-Series has been out (2005), the chassis has had wide runningboards that run the full length of the tunnel. As the years went by, engineers figured out that running boards act like a shelf when the track is trying to dig down to firmer snow as it claws through deep powder. So for 2009, Arctic Cat modified the tunnel on the M-sleds, hacking off the rear most portion of the runningboards and tapering the tunnel up at a steeper slope. The difference is astounding.

But if you've got an '05-'08 M-series sled, you're SOL, right? Not quite.

Black Diamond Xtreme has designed a kit (offered well before Cat released the 2009 models, by the way) that makes the same modifications to the tunnel of your M-series, giving you the deep snow mobility that comes from not having those wings hanging up in deep trenches.

We installed a BDX Pro Lite Series rear bumper kit on a 2008 Arctic Cat M8.

Now place the bumper on the sled making sure that the tunnel edge sits down into the groove in the bumper and that the front edges of the bumper sit flush against the footrests. Begin fastening the bumper in place by drilling through the back side, going through the tunnel edge first and then into the hallow cavity of the bumper. Rivet from the front back, keeping the bumper pulled tight up against the tunnel as you work your way back.


The new rear bumper design allows the narrow tunnel to slide into the track's trench, which lets the track dig deeper for better snow. You may think that all it will do is get you stuck in a deeper hole, but trust us, it works.



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