Things I Would Love To Hear

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Here are some things I'm guessing I won't hear during my lifetime-although it would be nice if I did.


·         That snowmobile is too light.

·         There's enough Wilderness in the United States. We don't need anymore.

·         Better yet, we've been a little greedy with this Wilderness thing. We're going to give some back to the public so more people can enjoy these public lands, motorized and non-motorized.

·         The Endangered Species Act simply does not work. We've wasted millions of dollars on a program that has seen little if any improvement in what are considered endangered species. The ESA has been abused since its inception and we're scrapping it for a more workable program.

·         Lane, this is President Obama. I would like to go snowmobiling and wondered if you would take me. (Don't worry Mr. President, I know just the spot. It's this little canyon area we love to drop down into.)

·         Snowmobiling is a much better workout than cross country skiing, especially the way most mountain riders ride.

·         Yellowstone National Park is best seen in the winter when a blanket of snow turns the Park into one of the most beautiful spots on earth. In fact, so more people can enjoy that beauty, we're expanding winter use of snowmobiles in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks.

·         Man-made global warming is a hoax perpetrated by the likes of people like Al Gore. Mr. Gore will pay for the damage he's created by perpetuating that myth.

·         Snowmobile prices are going down.

·         Every backcountry snowmobiler has taken an avalanche awareness class and is properly equipped for backcountry riding and any potential avalanches.

·         Lane went riding today and didn't get stuck once. (Actually, he never gets stuck just once.)

·         OPEC has decided to cap crude oil prices, so premium will be $1.19 forever.

·         From a reader: You picked that sled as the best in class? That's fair.

·         I rode with Steve and didn't get lost or left behind.

·         I'm going into a third year on the same drive belt.

·         Introducing the 450-pound Yamaha four-stroke mountain sled.

·         The IRS has implemented a new tax policy where you can depreciate any vehicle or accessory purchase used for recreational riding.

·         Wow, it rolled four times and didn't even break the windshield.

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