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Published in the January 2009 Issue Column
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Yamaha Snow

Dear Editor:
Regarding the "Rev I.R." letter by Greg Staeheli from Spokane, WA [SnoWest Magazine, September, 2008, page 10], I have a few comments.

I have to chuckle whenever a Yamaha rider makes the case for riding a Yamaha. Among off-roaders there is a saying: "The better the 4-wheel drive the farther away you will be when you get stuck." Where we ride here in this Utah powder, we never see a Yamaha sled once we leave the trail. If you break down, no Yamaha is going to get within a mile of where we've gone. You either repair it there or hire a helicopter to get it out.

Last season we were the second group to arrive at a large meadow full of fresh powder. Two sleds were parked with riders at the end of the trail while several sleds were already at play in the meadow. I wondered why the two had not joined in the frolicking. I then noticed that the two were Yamahas. I then understood why they were parked. All the sleds in the meadow were of the other three brands.

When the snow turns to cement in the spring, we used to call it "go anywhere snow," now we just call it "Yamaha Snow."

By the way, I love your sled evaluations and am coveting a "Rev I.R."

Evan Boberg
Sandy, UT


Season Is Trashed

Dear Editor:
This year me and my Dad got new sleds. I got an M6 and he got an M8.

This season [winter of 2007-08] has been great with deep snow and good sleds but unfortunately I went skiing and I broke my leg. My season is trashed and I am really disappointed.

I was just wondering how I could get involved in the sport. I really love snowmobiling and don't know what to do. I want to be involved but what should I do to get involved? I wanted to get involved before I broke my leg.

I love your magazines. Keep up the good work.

Tanner Wride
Pleasant View, UT

(ED-Too bad about the leg. As for how to get involved, that's a good question. Joining your local snowmobile club and participating in all that it does to promote snowmobiling and help keep riding areas open is always a good idea. Active participation at local and state levels can really make a difference. Reading SnoWest Magazine is always a good idea, too. It helps keep you up to date on what's going on in the snowmobile industry. Since you live in Utah, going to the Intermountain Snowmobile Show in Salt Lake City-although this advice comes a bit late for this season-is another way to be involved because you can make good contacts and meet a lot of good people at the show. The SnoWest forums are a good place to stay up to date on what's going on in the industry as well.)


You're Choosing The Wrong Car To Trailer Sleds

Dear Editor:

I love your mag.

You're choosing the wrong cars to tow the sleds ["In Tow," SnoWest Magazine, September, 2008, page 74]. You don't need a big truck.

I tow my two mountain sleds (Summit Rev XP X and a 2004 Polaris RMK long track) on a Triton trailer with a Subaru outback XT (the XT is the turbo version).

It has 8.4 inches of clearance, which is more than most trucks. The towing capacity is 2700 lbs.

I live in Colorado and drive I-70 to Rabbit Ears and Vail Pass every snow weekend there is pow. I can climb the 6-7 percent grade at speeds greater than 85 mph and on the flat drives to Grand Mesa, the car sits nicely at 95 mph.

I get 17-18 mpg towing the sleds, 23 mpg without the sleds. And 0-60 is also damn quick.

Andrew Grealy
Via e-mail


I Completely Agree

Dear Editor:
I completely agree with Mr. Fredrickson's comments ["Unwanted Pictures," SnoWest Magazine, September, 2008, page 10] about unwanted pictures in your magazine and website. It appears to me that overall you are doing a good job in selecting appropriate materials. I hope that you continue to do so.

Bart Howell
Alpine, UT


Something To Hold Me Over

Dear Editor:
Hey guys, I am just writing to you to tell you all how much I appreciate you doing this magazine. If you didn't put the time in to this I would be so pissed off and screwed to find something to hold me over til' November or December when the snow flies every year.

My grandparents own a condo in Island Park, ID, and it is the most fun vacation I take all year. The scenery is beautiful and I just wanted to tell you guys thanks.

Ryan Clark
Age 13
Via e-mail

(ED--Thanks for sending the note. I'll be honest with you. I'd rather be out snowmobiling than working on the magazine. But, I have to have something to do in the summer.)


The Best Day Ever

Dear Editor:
Best day everHey guys, this is first ride on the Nytro and first time I ever was to Revelstoke, BC. The pic was shot by Mike Brooks on the back side of Frisbee Ridge.

I thought this was the best day ever till I went to Boulder Mountain the next day.

Brian Patey
Stephenville, Newfoundland


Juiced Mini Z

Dear Editor:
Brody, our four-year-old, didn't think his 120 Mini Z was fast enough so we added a little juice.

He thinks it's faster. He was the hit at the local grass drags a few weeks back.

For those wondering, they are plastic NOs Energy Drink bottles.

Brian Hasenack
Jackson, WY

Mini Z"Juice"

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