Danger Zone 3

Produced by Addiction Productions, an Extreme Team Film

December 2008 Feature Devin Hess Viewed 789 time(s)

The awesome riders of the Extreme Team are back, plus a few more in Danger Zone 3. The Extreme Team riders continue to push the envelope with incredible climbs and gnarly wrecks. The turboed sleds ridden by the Extreme Team are as impressive as the riders themselves, which leads you to believe that there is a capable pit crew associated with these guys. So, given all the work and money that has gone into these sleds, I'm sure that the video script never includes a wreck just for the viewer's amusement. However, when you ride as hard as a guy like Jared Sessions, eventually the mountain is going to win, and the sled will loose. Jared is not the type of person that wrecks much, but when he does, he is so high up on the mountain, generally above the cliffs, that all he can do is watch his sled go crashing down. Of course, somebody always finds a rock or tree, even if it is the only one on the mountain. For this year, the rock finder award goes to a DZ3 rider named Mike. Mike went flying up a chute on his Polaris Dragon just off the track of previous riders, and hit a decent sized rock hidden under the snow. The impact was so violent that Mike was ejected off his sled and into the air just like a pilot would eject out of an airplane. In an attempt to keep sled sales high, I think the sled manufactures have got some deal going with the military, and they are buying up excess heat seeking missile, reprogramming them to seek trees and rocks, and then install them on new sleds. I'm just sure of it, and the Extreme Team riders got the video to prove it. These seekers must stop working after a few years, because it is always your newest sled that finds the rock or tree.

Danger Zone 3 is more than just climbing and wrecks, it also includes riders like Dan Adams, Jeremy Simmons, Sessions and others who really show there stuff with great drops, big air jumps, and really cool looking re-entries. Dan Adams is particularly fun to watch as he does great in all riding categories, as evidenced by the great re-entry "cold shot" on the front cover of the Danger Zone 3 DVD case.

Finally, the videography and DVD set up of Danger Zone 3 are vastly improved over Danger Zone 2. They did a much better job at getting close ups on the riding action. As you view the video, you can see the riders and tell what sled they are riding. The DVD has a music version and non-music version, and this year you can select chapters in both versions. The music in the film is all rock. It's the kind of music you will hear on your local rock radio station, and if you listen to that type of music, you'll likely recognize all of the songs. The Extreme Team's Danger Zone 3 is in the running this year for most improved video.

The final chapter of Danger Zone 3 is a photo album with deep powder scenery shots of some of my favorite riding places, and then the film ends with a solo side hilling pull that actually last longer than the movie credits. The DVD includes some cool bonus footage, as well as advertisements. Movie content is for all audiences and they did a good job of keeping the language appropriate for all audiences.



Riders:                                    5

Featured Sleds:                      4

Scenery:                                 4

Cinematography:                   4

Audio:                                     4

Bonus Footage:                      4

DVD Overall Score: 4.2


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