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According to one of my old teachers, goals are a good thing. My experience with goals as a snowmobiler has proven otherwise (I don't see a World Championship Snowmobile Hillclimb King of the Hill trophy sitting on the filing cabinet in my office). But since they're so easy to set, I'm always up for having some more goals.

So for this season, which holds no reason for being much different than any of the others, I'm setting a few goals.

Goal No. 1
Get into prime physical condition.
Goal No. 2
Win an X Games medal. Hey, as long as I'm hallucinating, why not make it exciting?
Goal No. 3
Figure out the Ski-Doo Summit XP. I'm serious this time. I fight that sled more than a parent fighting off nausea at a Hannah Montana concert. It's lighter than all get out, more powerful than the Chinese government and built for the style of riding I favor. But when I ride it I look like a 60-year-old on a Segway.
Goal No. 4
Ride more. Each year gets busier and busier. So if riding more means working less, I'm all over that.
Goal No. 5
Go to Hay Days. Haven't been since a guy by the name of Haikonen was racing. And it would be great to see all of the ... What? It was in September? Dang. Missed it again.
Goal No. 6

Ride the deep Colorado powder I always hear about. I've been down there a couple of times in early March and haven't had any luck. But I know I'm not getting there too late-I might be too early. Some of the shots Chris Burandt sent over from this past May prove that. Forget January, I'm booking May 17 right now. I never saw that kind of chest-deep powder when I was in the Colorado Rockies.

Goal No. 7

Ride in six different states this year. Oh, wait. Gas is four bucks a gallon. Never mind that one.

Goal No. 8

Get a World Championship Snowmobile Hillclimb King of the Hill trophy. I really believe I can do this one. I know what you're thinking, there's always the Masters class, right? No, too many fast riders. That would never work. But I'll get it.

One of those guys has to put a trophy on eBay sooner or later.

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