A Grand Experience

Grand Lake lives up to its billing

March 2008 Feature LANE LINDSTROM Viewed 764 time(s)

The thing that drove Grand Lake's earliest settlers away-a long, cold, snowy winter-is the very thing that attracts snowmobilers to this hideaway tucked way back in the rugged mountains in northcentral Colorado.

Back in the late 1800s Grand Lake wasn't so grand to those early homesteaders but now is one of Colorado's grandest snowmobile experiences.

Having ridden in Grand Lake on several occasions we're tempted to say we can't really narrow down to a handful of reasons why we like riding there so much. There's plenty to choose from-stunning mountains, challenging terrain, great places to eat and sleep, well groomed trails, miles and miles of ungroomed forest roads. The list is practically endless. But for us the reason is crystal clear.

The snow.

It was flakes of gold that first attracted folks to these parts in the 1880s. Today it's flakes of snow-and lots of them-that is the main attraction during the winter months. There's plenty of snow and it's draped like a thick blanket over everything in these parts. Much of the time its champagne powder at its best. Light and dry, the kind powder hounds crave.

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