Project M-80

SnoWest's 2008 Project Sled

September 2007 Feature Ryan Harris Viewed 889 time(s)

Tell us this has never happened to you: You're 12 years old in a field behind the neighbor's house with three of your friends. You're holding a matchbook; the kid next to you is holding an M-80 that his older brother got from his friend. The other two kids watch as you light a match, hold it to the fuse and throw the M-80 on the ground. Your ears ring as you watch a plastic bucket fall back to the ground. Two of the other kids are still running. Your friend's mom is standing on the back step yelling at him. But he can't hear her either. Instead, he looks at your and mouths the word "awesome!"

That's the general idea of what we expect when we light the throttle on this year's SnoWest project sled-a 2008 Arctic Cat M8 162-which we'll ignite with a few aftermarket power parts.

We picked up the new sled at Mountain Magic Sports (208-852-0400) and we'll come back to Mountain Magic for Kevin Hubbard's help with final setup tuning.

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