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And then there was one.

With the announcement earlier this spring that Ski-Doo was ceasing production of the Summit 1000, the number of sleds in the 1000cc class was all of a sudden cut in half.

That means the Arctic Cat M1000 can crow that it is the biggest, baddest stock sled on snow for 2008.  So, if you feel the need for climbing high o n the mountain and plastering smaller sleds all over the snow with brute, potent horsepower then the 1000cc class is for you and that means the M1000.

No one will argue that the M1000 doesn't have the ponies to tame most any mountain and with some refinements for 2008, this Cat doesn't only like to climb, but it likes powder-the deeper the better, especially with the 162-inch track. Most of the refinements took place in the ride department, specifically the rear suspension (practically all new) and front spindles. There are also new running boards which will help on those deep powder days when riders are constantly working to keep the boards free of snow buildup.

All those refinements helped shave about 10 lbs. off the M1000, which means the machine is back to its pre-reverse weight. Now riders get reverse without the weight penalty and a better ride to boot. Not that it matters much now, but the M1000 had the Summit 1000 beat in the weight department-lighter weight department that is.

The M1000's price tag shatters our $11 grand theme but sledders should expect to pay a premium price for a premium machine. The M1000 is not for your new-to-the-sport riders or those who have no desire to bust deep powder and climb like a mountain goat. No, the M1000 is for hardcore sledders who think of the backcountry as a personal playground.

Also, the statement about there being only one model in the 1000cc class is a little misleading-there are actually four models to choose from: M1000 with a 153-inch track; M1000 with a 162-inch track and Sno Pro versions of both track lengths. The Sno Pro difference comes at a price but adds premium Fox Float shocks for an even better ride.

One model-four different versions. And one heck of a ride on the snow.


Class Facts



Mfgers represented                               Arctic Cat

Models                                     1

Average MSRP                                    $12,099 (includes Sno Pro models)

Estimated average horsepower  165

Track range-length                             153-162 inches

Track range-depth                             2.25 inches

Weight range                                        500-510 lbs.

Details in which issue                            October, 2007

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