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Living in a time warp

Column Steve Janes
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Since this is the December issue of SnoWest, by the time most of you start reading this column we'll be headlong into winter . or at least we hope.
Due to deadlines and the magazine production process, I'm writing this column while the grass is still green and my golf clubs continue to reside in the back of my truck. The presidential elections are still up in the air and we haven't heard the latest ruling on Yellowstone National Park.
In other words, I'm trying to write about the arrival of the "white season" and our expectations of a great winter, while several major factors remain in doubt now, meaning at the time of this writing, not now meaning at the time of your reading it. (I feel like I'm somehow trapped in a time warp.)
So you might wonder, how do I say now (meaning then) that this is a great winter now (meaning now) if I don't know now (meaning then) what I know now (meaning now)? The answer: I'm just an eternal optimist.
But really, after spending some time this fall (meaning then) at some of the snowmobile shows and seeing some of the exciting new products that will be available this winter (meaning now), it's easy to be an optimist. There is some cool stuff out there.
Like the Pro Lightning turbo for the Yamaha RX-1 . this thing pulls off some weight, piles on some serious horsepower and promises to make 4-stroke snowmobiles mountain monsters.
Then there's the Timbersled . a fresh approach to the drive system, bulkhead, cooling and chassis (just to mention the most notable things we saw on the sled).
And let's not forget Starting Line Products' new salute to Ski-Doo . a performance edition kit that beefs the Summit Rev 800 up to the 163-hp range while shedding a bunch of weight.
With the new models for western riders being introduced this year from the four major snowmobile manufacturers, everything now (meaning then) points to a great time on the snow now (meaning now).
So unless you're still living in the past (meaning then), you too have to be excited about the promises of this winter (meaning now) . if you know what I mean.

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