8 reasons to buy a Ski-Doo Summit Rev 800

August 2003 Feature Viewed 928 time(s)

1 Chassis. Focusing on mass centralization and rider position, the new Rev-X chassis captures the perfect platform design that is 35 pounds lighter than the former ZX chassis. But the weight loss is only an added bonus. The real advantage with the Rev chassis is the handling and rider position. This is the best new design concept in the industry.

2 Weight. Okay, we know some of you who may favor other brands will make your arguments about what snowmobiles weigh the lightest. Different magazines have published different weights, so who knows what the true weights are. But the one thing we do believe is that the Summit Rev rides lighter that any other mountains sled out there.

3 Track. Regardless of the length, this16-inch Powder Max track width is hot ... and the thing works great in the powder. The added inch width puts a lot of surface area on the snow, creating superb flotation.
4 RER. Most of us have viewed reverse on a snowmobile as a useless luxury that only added weight. But with Rotax Electronic Reverse, there's no weight added, it's quick, simple and surprisingly quite handy. (I don't know how many times I pulled up to a mountain peak only to realize that I didn't want to continue going in the direction I was pointing.) With a simple push of the button, the engine is reversed and the snowmobile drivetrain runs backwards.

5 Rotax. That pretty much says it all. The bullet-proof Rotax 800 High Output engine is as solid as it gets. This year the 800 H.O. offers 7 percent more horsepower. Tack this increased power onto the already lightweight platform and you have the hottest combination on the snow.

6 Ease. The Summit Rev is absolutely the easiest snowmobile to ride. Not only is it ergonomically designed for the rider, it feels natural and responds to body language. It's not intimidating. You don't have to fight with it to show who is boss. Simply put, you control it . it doesn't
control you.

7 Seat. The Summit Rev features the most comfortable riding position for mountain riding. It has an attractive, lightweight design built for aggressive mountain riding.

8 Damage control. Let's face it-snowmobiling in the mountains is rugged and aggressive. Things happen. Windshields break. Hoods crack. It's hard to make it through a season without replacing one or both. The Summit's hood and windshield are unique because they are designed to be forgiving. First, the hood comes in three pieces. You'll never have to shell out $500 to replace an entire hood. If you do encounter a stump or tree or any other unmovable object, you will only need to fix that portion of the hood that absorbs the impact. As for the windshield, with its breakaway design you will likely never need to replace one again.

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