• Click Click Boom: Winter racing kicks off with a bang

    January 06, 2003 Feature RYAN?HARRIS
    Ahh . nothing says winter like the refreshing scent of race gas in the air. That's right. Another racing season is upon us. Track stands lined along o
  • Just Fan Yourself: Economy snowmobiling

    January 04, 2003 Feature, Snow Tests LANE LINDSTROM
    Can we be honest here? First, most of you won't even read this story once you realize it's about fan-cooled snowmobiles. And second, the fan class of
  • Burandt Spills: Profile: Chris Burandt

    January 03, 2003 Feature
    Nearly all of the big names in big air freestyle riding (flying?) converged on West Yellowstone, MT, last March during the World Snowmobile Expo to co
  • The Only Blade In Kansas

    January 02, 2003 Feature
    In Kansas City, KS, we barely get enough snow to ride once or twice a year, yet I own three sleds: a vintage Polaris TX, a 1995 Ski-Doo Formula III an

    January 01, 2003 Column Steve Janes
    The other day I was asked to do an interview with a reporter from a major newspaper. He wanted to talk about the advances of snowmobile technology and

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