The ABCs of Snowmobiling

Let us spell it out for you

December 2002 Feature

Decoding the Snowmobile Language 

The snowmobile industry is notorious for its use of acronyms. There are acronyms for everything from sleds-RMK-to sled parts-RAVE-to companies-SLP.
Acronyms seem to be especially popular with the internal workings of sled engines-like DPM, VES and the like. In fact, we use acronyms so often that we sometimes forget what they actually stand for. We just know that, for the most part, whatever they stand for, these things work.
And that's a good thing, because the alphabet that we want to focus on-variable exhaust systems-has been one of the best improvements to snowmobile motors made in the past few years. We're going to look at the Polaris Variable Exhaust System (VES), the Ski-Doo Rotax Adjustable Variable Exhaust (RAVE), Yamaha Power Valve System and Arctic Cat's unique water flow path change on its Firecats.  

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