Classy One-Piece Chassis

Racer X has one tough skeleton

December 2002 Feature Ryan Peacock
Racer X Mountain Sleds look suspiciously like Ski-Doos on the outside but the differences between the two go right down to their bones.
Racer X features its own one-piece aluminum chassis, the only one in the industry. "One piece is stronger and lighter than the conventional bulkhead and tunnel riveted-together design," Larry Ling and Shannon Franke, the sled's makers, said. The unique design sits the rider a little more forward than on most sleds. Some who have ridden the Racer X sled said it reminds them a little of the REV, the way you have to sit forward.
They also integrated an 8-part heat exchanger (instead of the usual 5-part exchanger) into the tunnel design to increase coolant capacity and provide better cooling.
Perhaps the crowning feature of the Racer X Mountain Sled is the turbo engine. Racer X offers a modified Ski-Doo 800 twin and a turbocharged 800 twin. While the regular engine can produce an impressive 155 hp, the turbo is off the charts at 240 hp. When you add that kind of power to a sled that weighs only 435 pounds, there are few places this sled can't take you.
For 2003 Racer X tinkered a little with their sled, changing the air box size, moving the rear suspension a little forward and leveraging the steering a little different to make it easier to steer, but no big changes were called for, so none were made.
Racer X is a British Columbia-based performance shop that is able to produce the kinds of sleds you can only get by spending thousands of dollars modding a stock sled. But Racer X's sleds can be lighter and stronger than modified stock sleds because the differences go all the way down to their bones.
Contact Racer X (604) 795-6566 or
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