Quiet Ride Ear Muffs

Quiet Ride Ear Muffs
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    Quiet Ride Ear Muffs' super-slim noise reducing in-helmet ear muff can be installed in all standard manufactured motorcycle and snowmobile helmets.

    The patent-pending design of this slim in-helmet ear muff reduces interior helmet noise by 65 percent and is rated NRR18 by the federal government. This level of noise reduction is achieved through the use of a slim, custom-made ABS plastic cup paired with military-grade pad featuring gel covered memory foam. An air bladder behind each muff pressurizes the muff pad around your ears creating a seal by using a mini air pump attached to the outside of the helmet. The pad seals well around thin metal sun glass bows.

    Over time, excessive engine and wind noise from motorcycles and snowmobiles can damage the inner ear, resulting in a medical condition called tinnitus. Using ear plugs or standard foam pads can be uncomfortable and even cause pain, but the military-grade memory foam and memory gel pad in Quiet Ride Ear Muffs provides comfort and protection from loud exterior noise.

    Quiet Ride Ear Muffs can be installed in all standard manufactured helmets without compromising safety and integrity. Self-installation, by removing part of the cheek pad and styrofoam insulation, takes about two hours and a few household tools.

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