Throttle Decisions Chapter 2: Avalanche Forecast

Published online: Dec 09, 2013 Feature
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Throttle Decisions Chapter 2: Avalanche Forecast. Throttle Decisions is a fast-paced video series aimed at encouraging mountain sledders to become better trained in avalanche safety. Its eight short components move through the AST course, tackling topics such as terrain, companion rescue, mountain weather and how to read the avalanche bulletin.

Filmmaker Francois Desrosiers of FD Productions shot video in 2012-13 with a host of riders across BC, capturing not only some great action but also some straight-shooting commentary from avalanche experts, brand-name riders and even some avalanche survivors.

The series is anchored by CAC Forecaster Joe Lammers, a man equally at home on sled and skis.

Throttle Decisions Chapter 2: Forecast from Canadian Avalanche Centre on Vimeo.

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