Divas SnowGear Snowmobile Club/Association Giveback Program

Published online: Nov 09, 2013 News
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Divas SnowGear has announced a unique snowmobile club/association giveback program aimed at supporting the grassroots of snowmobiling.

The program will give monetary donations along with product donations to snowmobile clubs.

Travis Mayne of Divas SnowGear said,  "I remember when I was a kid riding my John Deere snowmobile from my small town to another and thinking how great it was to have my own highway system before I could legally drive. Little did I know that local snowmobile clubs put very hard work and a lot of money into making the trail systems each year, let alone maintaining them throughout the season.

"Now that I work in the snowmobile industry, I want to do my part in supporting the local clubs and their dedication to making this a great sport."

To get involved and learn more about the Divas Giveback Program please e-mail Divas SnowGear direct at