With The Snowflakes Soon To Fly, Briggs & Stratton Racing Debuts Its 206 Competition Snowmobile Repo

Published online: Oct 22, 2013 News
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The 206 engine was introduced in snowmobile racing in 2012 to offer families a bolt-in, cost-effective solution to a level playing field.

"Every 206 sealed race engine is built by hand in a dedicated production area to a factory written rule set," David Klaus, director, Briggs & Stratton Racing, said. "By simplifying racing, eliminating the performance variations and costs associated with multiple engines, the 206 is about getting families involved. With the added simplicity of a slide restrictor or gear ratio limit an instant ladder further promotes just how cost-effective snowmobile racing can be."

He continued, "This video highlights just how easy it is to repower the sled you have so that you can go from wanting, to actually enjoying a great family sport."

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