Hood Savers?

Published in the October 2011 Issue Published online: Oct 18, 2011 Sledheads
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Hopefully you caught the rider feature on Matt Entz in the January 2011 issue. Entz has been busy tracking up every corner of Colorado and he was so excited about his custom sled wrap from Sled Skin that he sent in this story:

"I believe that my Sled Skin wrap held my hood together on a couple of different occasions last season. Sometimes those impossible lines we attempt, well, end up not being possible. My sled ended up upside down and jammed into big trees on more than one occasion. Twice the hood was actually collapsed. But once we were able to get the sled out of the situation and back in the open, with the hood opened and some outside support, I was able to kick the inside of the hood and pop it back out. You would never know that it looked ruined! The thickness and durability of your wrap definitely saved me a hood, or two!"

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