Team Arctic's Billy Howard Sets New Stock Sled World Speed Record

Published online: Sep 27, 2010 News
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Thief River Falls, Minn. - A new 141 mph world speed record with a stock sled on asphalt was set by Team Arctic's Billy Howard at Empire Dragway in Leicester, NY.


Aboard a stock, race-prepped Arctic Cat Z1 Turbo equipped with an asphalt drag track, boosted turbocharger and tweaks to the clutching, Howard ripped through the quarter-mile with a 140.91 mph/8.863-second elapsed time, setting a new world record for a stock snowmobile.


"When it comes to top speed for a stock sled, nothing comes close to the Arctic Cat Z1 Turbo," Al Shimpa, Team Arctic drag racing coordinator, said. Billy Howard topped 140 mph in the quarter-mile on his, with an elapsed time that's quicker than what it took to read this sentence.


"That's with a stock motor, stock suspensions, stock hood, stock clutches . pretty much stock everything except the boost pressure and the asphalt-only track. There is no other stock snowmobile that can touch these numbers."

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