2009 Double X-treme Snowmobile Calendar

Published in the November 2008 Issue Published online: Nov 15, 2008 New Products
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calendarThe 2009 Double X-treme Snowmobile Calendar features tricked out, high performance snowmobiles and top professional swimsuit models from throughout the country. The 2009 Snowmobile Calendar showcases a variety of custom mountain mod sleds, a legendary trail mod, a wicked hot lay down ice dragster and a classic vintage sled with a gorgeous pin-up calendar swimsuit model, honoring the pioneers of our sport.

The 2009 Snowmobile Swimsuit Calendar takes you to the scenic mountains of Utah and the frozen lakes of Minnesota for 12 months of snowmobiling fun. Double X-treme Snowmobile Calendars has teamed up with some of the top high performance snowmobile companies in the industry to bring you some amazing snowmobiles.

The swimsuit models who are featured in the snowmobile calendar are equally as top shelf as the snowmobiles they are paired with. The combination of professional swimsuit models and the girls next door are featured in the 2009 Snowmobile Swimsuit Calendar. You may recognize the swimsuit models from various glamour magazines, TV shows, and advertisements.

Double X-treme Snowmobile Calendars produces the premiere snowmobile swimsuit calendar, six different snowmobile posters that are too hot for the calendar and sticker decals that will complement any snowmobile.

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