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January 09, 2004
Blair Morgan


Getting up at 6 a.m. only to stand at the bottom of a hill looking through binoculars for nine-tenths of the day is a definition of fun only understoo
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January 08, 2004

FSX fast out of the blocks

Now that the fledgling first year of the International Freestyle Snocross Association (IFSA) and its marquee FSX Tour has a season under its belt, it'
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January 06, 2004
Mark Bourbeau

big fans of fan snowmobiles

The fanners, as they are affectionately known in the snowmobiling circle, are forced-air cooled machines that are the consumer's alternative to the hi
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January 04, 2004

Thankful To Be Alive

I'm writing you this story still badly bruised and sore after surviving one of the largest avalanches in British Columbia this year.
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January 01, 2004
Ryan Harris

History of Face Plants

Someone asked me the other day about the name of my column, Face Plants. He asked if there was some hidden meaning behind the words. No, I told him. I
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