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Specialty Sleds starts with the basics

Published online: Dec 12, 2002 Feature Ryan Peacock
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Specialty Sleds builds sleds the old-fashioned way: one at a time and made to order. The Specialty Sleds technicians start with a hand-built bulkhead with integral wings that allows them to tie the suspension into the bulkhead. The bulkhead protects the 10-tooth drivers from impact as well.
Next they construct a deep tunnel with integral M-10 mount brackets. They use a lightened version of the Fast M-10 (47 lbs.) with titanium springs, chromoly arms and CNC rails. Then they stretch the arms apart for the 151-156 rails, eliminating the long rail out the back.
The M-10 moves back which causes the track to run extremely tight when the suspension goes through its travel. So the guys at Specialty Sleds move the skid back in the chassis allowing them to use Extrovert drivers to take care of the problem.
The bulkhead, tunnel and other parts are anodized instead of powdercoated because anodizing adds no weight.
They use 3/8-inch motor plates with triple mounts on the big power engines and twin mounts for the twins.
To top off the sled, they add a 5-pound composite hood with aluminum screens and a choice of stock windshields or their own composite shields with no headlights.
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