ZF Moto 126 kits review on 2 different bikes.

Mar 9, 2017
stillwater MN
2016 husky fc 450 ZF 126
2016 Sherco 450 ZF 126

We are 50 years old and do not do big jumps or crazy drops FYI. Well at least try not to.

I will Start with the sherco as it has been our mule bike for 2 years. It is down on power compared to MX bikes but with the camso kit it goes where it should not and handles awesome with the traverse ski, trio and heavy springs in ktm forks. Yes it is a little hobbled together but has been a great bike for us. Everyone who rides it usually buys a snow bike of there own after. My buddy was very hesitant of me messing with it as it is his favorite go to bike when I am not riding it. No hesitation in tight trees, you turn the ski and front end turns and the camso track is a great track. Here is a quick clip of it with the zf 126 kit. and another from last week.
ZF Track on the sherco 125.8 2.6 lugs and they are pretty stiff. The Sherco could always pull second gear with the camso, up hills or whatever even after i went to a 15 tooth front sprocket. With the zf kit I could not, It did not have the power to spin the ZF track in second. I dropped back to the 14 tooth sprocket and it was much better but still had to get moving in the pow to shift into second. All i can say is the track flat out hooks up in the pow and on the more setup snow. I would say it is somewhere between a aro 3 and a regular 2.5 track. I have never pulled a wheelie with the sherco before until a steep up hill last week in some setup snow the front was coming up. Yes it was steep and set up. Never did it in the fresh 2 foot of pow we got the next day so no it is not a riot type skid.

The husky was a virgin bike, never seen snow when we started. Installed the ZF kit, got track level with ground, maxed out the air forks, added seat concept seat, heated bars, engine blanket, thats all we had time for. This time we installed the ZF ski which I think is made by Sly Dog here in the USA to ZF specs. The husky could pull the ZF kit in second most of the time. I only rode the bike a few times but Paul (my friend) loved the setup. He could instantly tell the track hooked up more then the camso. He experienced the same front end lifting experience as I on the sherco the first few days in the setup up snow on steep uphills but again it did not do it after we got the fresh pow.

The kit is very well built and we experienced zero problems. The drive chain adjustment is a breeze along with secondary chain. I will post some pictures next few days. The suspension was better then the old timbersled with ZF stock shocks and would suit most riders. ZF is working on a Ohlins setup for 2021/22 right now. Pawel is awesome to work with!!!!! I needed special brackets made for the sherco and a few other spacers after changing my mind on what bike to put it on and he had them to me in 3-4 days via dhl from Poland. Answers his emails right away and no bull ****.

The ski I thought was great. It only clogged up once on a stop where the traverse ski clogged many times after stopping (wet snow) . After coming off 2 137 kits and fighting the pushing feeling when turning I will NEVER go back to a 137 kit from anyone. The ski turned every bit as good on the husky as the traverse ski on the sherco.

Comparison, we had another bike along, a 17 ktm 450sxf with a 137 mountain horse kit. The 126 ZF kit on the husky could consistently out climb the 137 mountain horse. no bull **** here either. I have a couple videos I will post of the 137 trying to make the same uphill turn as the ZF kit and getting stuck. Love the ZF track! Like I said i think it between a aro 3 and a normal 2.5 track.

Pawel is working on a shorter version now of the ZF and has incorporated extra holes in the side plates and shorter rear arm to lower it 1.5-2 inches with same stock shock travel for those who want a lower bike. Should be able to retro fit onto the kits I have now.

Happy ZF Moto 126 customers!

Sorry i suck at videos.

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Mar 9, 2017
stillwater MN
Different mounting holes for fine tuning and lowering rear of bike without shortening shock length.


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