Yamaha Nytro 136

Dec 20, 2011
I’m selling my Nytro to start another project. I have owned this sled for 9 years and the sad thing is I have over $4,000 of accessories on this sled. This sled flat out rocks and should have came this way from the factory. Engine and chaincase oil changed yearly. Make me a reasonable offer! I am located in Minneapolis, MN

09 subframe
Zbroz ARS-FX 43" Wide A Arm Kit +1" Forward$995
Zbroz X1 Series Ski Shocks $1195
Curve XS Skis $424.99
OFT steering relocater $159.95
OFT roll over kit $129.95
Star Suspension skid relocate kit $100
Hartman 136 tunnel extension $169.95
Tracks USA 136 rail extension $145
Ecxell X wheel kit $225
Camso Intense 136 x 1.5” track $540
Mountain tech skid plate $239
Copper exhaust donuts $104.95
Oilite bushings $84.95
New rsi grips


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