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YAMAHA BRAVO 250 2 each Project Sleds


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Nov 26, 2007
Grand Mesa, Colorado
1982 and 1986 YAMAHA BRAVOs a pair! $100/Make ANY Offer

Two Yamaha Bravo 250 cc Snowmobiles, Parts/project only.
White one is 1982.
Blue one is 1986.
Prior owner said both ran when parked (I have no idea when that was).

Both have good skis, tracks and suspension. Engines and drivetrains complete.
Both turn over easily and have 120 + lbs compression on cold engine.
One has great spark.
Both – controls incomplete and non-functional.

Must take both.

More photos available

I will entertain any offer– even “I’ll haul them off.” These sleds need to go because I don’t want to tackle the project, and don’t want these wonderful pieces of history go to the junk heap.

In Kremmling. May be able to get them to Snowshow in Denver October 12 / 13 for a small fee.

Call or text nine seventy 640 thirteen seventy four.
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