Xp Seat on a ZX Chassis


Jan 9, 2006
Ok i got a cupple questions is that the stock tank and if so did the seat mount up to stock seat mounts?
And other question dose the hood have places to mount stock light and windshield?
Yes; it's the stock tank but I made a custom frame assembly for the seat. 1" round tube fits perfect up in the bottom side of seat to construct the frame. The hood has mounting tabs welded to the frame of it to mount the stock windsheild if you want. I mounted a single light to the handle bars.
Aug 20, 2012
What is the easy route to get a shorter seat on a ZX. The XP? or the Dragon seat? I really dont want to rip the tank out for another on my 00 Mxz 440x
Feb 3, 2011
Nicely done!!

This is exactly what I want to do with my 2001 summit. I love the way my sled handles but need a taller seat due to lower back issues. Frankly I end up standing a lot. Thanks for sharing your awesome seat mod!!
Well I bought a used xp seat, gas tank, trim on top of tank,trim over side brackets, side brackets from tunnel, and the back steering post braces. I cut the tank to fit and removed material so as to allow access for using original seat back bolts that were relocated to attach the rear of the gas tank that was cut to fit around the original tank. You need the xp tank because it is the mounting surface/bracket for the seat. The original seat weighed 14.2lbs and the new seat/tank mount combo weighed 12lbs
I paid $125 for all the pieces

do you have more pictures of how you did this i wanna do it on my 2000 summit
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