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X-Ring Products Centrifugal Bullet Trap.


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Nov 27, 2007
Bullet Trap is marked "X-Ring Products Centrifugal Bullet Trap Onalaska Wisc". On the side is printed "Outers". Standing unit is approximately 51" tall x 27" wide x 48" deep. Weight about 90 lbs. Trap opening is 18" x 18". Paper targets are held inside the trap by a clip. On either side of the opening is a electrical light bulb socket to add illumination, if wanted or these two items can be removed. My research found maximum .45 cal. none magnum rounds can be fired into this trap. Bullet enters front of the trap, spins around in the back until it looses its momentum, then falls into the can. Price - $150.00. Contact Jens #(208) 345-6619, Boise, Idaho.


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