Wyoming snowmobile and ATV trail systems are about to be totally defunded


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Feb 1, 2006
Laramie, WY

Wyoming Trails are being threatened!​

We need your help!

Wyoming House Bill No. HB0024
is a transportation bill currently at the state legislature.

An amendment was added to the bill that would be devastating to snowmobiling and all off-road vehicle recreation in Wyoming!

The Effects:

  • The State Trails Program funding could be cut in half
  • The snow side could be cut by approx. $1.2 million per year, meaning:
    • 50,000 miles of grooming could be eliminated
    • 6 to 8 groomers could be eliminated
    • Grooming in the following areas could be eliminated:
      • Black Hills
      • Casper
      • Gros Ventre
      • Kemmerer
      • Lander
      • Powder River/Big Horns
    • Once grooming goes away, use could drop, making it easier for anti-motorized groups to push for the areas to be wilderness
  • The dirt side could be cut by approx. $1.0 million per year, meaning:
    • No new summer trails or programs
  • Potentially jeopardizing approx. $1.4 per year in RTP money
  • Costing the state untold dollars and potentially upwards of $100,000,000 per year in tourism money
  • The amendment also attacks boating facilities and usage
The bill could go to the House Floor as early as this coming Monday, March 1st!

We need everyone to call and email the entire Wyoming House of Representatives and tell them:

VOTE NO on the proposed amendment to HB0024!

For anyone who lives in Wyoming, please take time to write EVERY state representative AMPL lists at the link above. If we lose this, we will NEVER get any of it back. EVER.

I'm not a Wyoming resident anymore and I'm still sending letters.
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