WTB: King Cat 900 Parts

Sep 10, 2020
Hi guys,

Looking for a few things to wrap up my King Cat build (05 KK carb, VE rear tunnel, 2.25" Peak track, can, boss seat). Let me know if you have any of these items laying around for the old iron! Have a trip planned late January to the Snowies and picked the King up this summer so I need to know what to look out for and check, and have some ideas from the forums already. Thanks in advance for the help!

Skis (the orange parobolic's are cracked by the loop, not sure if I need to replace or not but figure I better just in case). Not partial to brand, anything that works good for the King.
Post forward kit (seems like a must have)
Torque Arm (keep the big twin from shaking loose!)
Chain/gear set (stock or open to suggestions on best combo for over 9000')
Clutching (I have 67 gram weights, would like new springs in Primary and Secondary, along with new primary rollers, maybe a 51* helix as well)

Any other suggestions on making the sled better or more powerful I'm all ears.

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