Wrench light oct derate?

Nov 28, 2007
Glenville, Minnesota
My sleds octane light has always been really sensitive and I just dealt with it by having really good fuel in it all the time. Before this season I had my gauge reflashed by next stage gauges which I really love, but now I think it does not say octane it just has a wrench light come up and it's doing it way more frequently no matter how good of gas I have in what I'm wondering is if my plugs need to be gapped I do have the NGK CR 9 EB in it or if it could be something else that is causing it to derate?
Thanks Ryan Hajek


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Nov 26, 2007
West fargo, ND
Without the reflash the ECU needs to send the code twice before you get a code. With the reflash the guage will code with ECU only sending a code once, which is why you are probably seeing it more often. On my 14 M8 I went from seeing the octane code to ECU 23 at low elevation. I added more fuel with the power commander and problem was gone. I only had issues at low elevation, not high elevation.


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Dec 25, 2007
Mine would come on if I got on it hard no matter what I ran for fuel. I started adding a little race gas and it's never come back on