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will 509 goggles work with glasses



New member
Sep 14, 2008
Dumont, MN
been looking at buying a new pair of goggles but I need them to fit over eye glasses will any of the 509 goggles go over glasses.


Well-known member
Lifetime Membership
Oct 23, 2011
La Grande, Oregon
I have a set of Aviators and a set of Sinisters, and they both work just fine with my glasses. The Aviators fit a little tighter, and sometimes pull my glasses off when I take the goggles off, but there is no issue with fit and the type of glasses I have.

My glasses also have the new opti-fog coating by crizal (they do most of the anti-glare coatings), and that also helps a lot with keeping the glasses from fogging up. You just use a drop on each lens of the activator, which lasts for a bout a week before you have to coat them again - but it worked great for me last season.
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