Why dont people just use a wakeboarding rope

Jun 29, 2021
Maule, Chile
I just started using a sled for skiing this season (after skitouring pretty much all my life). None of my friends own a sled and im pretty much the only one riding in this zone of chile so i just tried all the different methods to get people on top of lines. In the internet we usually see people using the "canadian" or "alaskan" style of riding doubles but i found that just using a wakeboarding rope is the least exhausting and easiest to sidehill/ ride technicall terrain with.
Is there a reason why this technique isn`t more widely used?
Nov 21, 2009
I've down both for more than 10 years now. The rope is too exhausting for the rider. There is much more friction than water and going up extreme hills just isn't possible. Our runs here in the PNW can take up to 5 minutes of hard climbing and cover 4000'. I'm not sure anyone I know could hold the rope while I flog a 4000' climb. We ride triple and it works well.
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