whos still riding the mountain max!!

Jan 29, 2008
Newberry, MI
How come so many pages have gone away from this great thread?:mad:

No kidding. I did end up putting a 156 fabcraft skid in mine. And then went crazy and bought a boss seat, barkbuster front end, anti-ratchets, etc. etc. Probably should have just saved my money and bought new, but I love this thing so damn much!!!


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Oct 7, 2009
Black Hills S.D.

2000 mm700
ekholm tunnel
144 campolast
Bender triples
v force reeds
port and polish
pod filters
heelclicker weights
mpi roller secondary
simmons flex skis
ohlins shocks
all light weight front end parts
race pack 3
boss seat
big risers

Keeps up with the best of them if the snow isn't 5 feet deep.


Mod Max

Figured I'd kick up this old thread for those of use without $14k.

I have three MMs. Two '97s and a 2000. All have risers, pipes, reeds, skis, scratchers,clutching, and different wheel set ups. My main rider is one of the '97s. In addition to prior mentioned items, it has carbon fiber trailing arms, short windshield, speedo eliminated, kyb shocks all around, fabtech spindles, mod air box, reed spacers, left hand throttle, drop and rolled chain case, geared down, MPI tunnel, 159" track, big two wheel rear, short snow flap, eliminated rear transfer rods,after market seat and custom seat frame, dig. temp guage, big bore 770 kit, body vent kit, custom cutches, chrome molly steering post, aftermarket handle bars, custom snow eliminators, led tail light, etc. I'm sure I'm forgetting things. Bought with a blown motor and modified. Had motor rebuilt and continued from there. Still gets me out.

Amazes me how many heads it turns and how often people stop me to check it out. Usually the conversation ends with "I miss my mountain max".

If I could find parts cheap or free I would consider a different skid, longer track, and still scratching my head on how to get the front end higher.:eyebrows::eyebrows:


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