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White Out & Wide Open—The Blog

February 26, 2014
Random Thoughts (Continued)
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White Out & Wide Open—The Blog


I received a little blowback from last week’s blog—no, not about the PETA ad thing (which I half expected), but rather about global warming. It seems there are a couple of things you don’t want to write about: religion and politics. Apparently I tweak some people in regards to religion.

It seems you have basically three types of people when it comes to global warming: believers, deniers and those who are just plain fed up with hearing about it. For the believers, any negative reference to the topic is blasphemy. Even if one merely points out its unbelievable stance that every type of weather is a sign of global warming or that global warming has become a multi-billion dollar enterprise and a very popular excuse for government money laundering.

For non believers … well they basically look at my previous comments and recognize a financial scam when they see one. Whether or not there’s any merit to the claims about carbon emissions, that gets lost in the noise.

For those who are tired of hearing about it … it’s mostly because regardless of the weather—hot or cold—the blame is put on man. Not nature. Not God. But man. (Actually, the first signs that man causes global warming can be traced back to the Bible—unrighteous living will bring the condemnation of God. Now this comment definitely should receive some blowback.)

So this week I’m going to avoid such controversial topics.

* The Winter Olympics in Sochi came to a close Sunday night as NBC managed to run 100,000 hours of Soviet propaganda programming over the past two weeks. Actually, there were 464 channels broadcasting more than 42,000 hours of Olympics this year. Each country seemed to focus on certain aspects of higher importance to their viewers.

For example, Japan was mesmerized by the figure skating, actually televising the warm ups. Canada was all hockey (but then, when isn’t Canada all hockey). Sweden enjoyed mocking Norway’s misfortunes on the ski hill. The Dutch loved the speedskaters … but then, you know how crazy the Dutch can get about going in circles.

The final medal count showed the Russian Federation leading the way with a total of 33 medals—13 being of the gold type. The United States finished second in medal total and fourth in gold medals.

But hey, like they say in Olympics, it’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how many world-class athletes were able to defect to your country.

* Did you see that My Track Technology video on SnoWest.com?
http://www.snowest.com/2014/02/my-track-technology/ Talk about an interesting concept, that six minute video showing the battery-operated track pulling a man on a toboggan was fascinating.

That thing looked like it could do anything—even push your car out of a snowdrift. It seemed best suited for work applications. (Maybe we need to get one for Ryan Harris so we could get a little work out of him.)

* Finally, as though it’s from the script writers from Seinfeld, there is a quirky story of an Iowa man working at Polaris Industries plant as a forklift operator.

Apparently he put a dollar in the vending machine for a Twix bar. And just like George Costanza, the Twix got stuck. So he put another dollar in the vending machine but nothing happened. So, being somewhat innovative, he used his forklift to pick up, shake and drop the machine.

Unlike George, he was successful in acquiring his Twix. But then, much like George, it met with disapproval from his supervisor, costing him his job … that lead to stress, costing him his girlfriend and ultimately his home.
You see, this is the type of stuff I have to write about when it doesn’t snow. Damn that global warming.

~Steve Janes
Publisher, SnoWest Magazine.
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