Which Avalanche Back Pack


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Oct 17, 2010
Northern IL.
Bca Mtn. Pro vest and beacon!
I have the early vest and had some problems getting it to fit perfect.
The newer vest is even better.
Bca beacon is just easy to use intuitive and not over complicated
Would buy again

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Jan 13, 2008
Reno, NV
I use the new style Bca mtn pro vest and piep dsp pro beacon. Probe is black diamond.

-Go try bags on for fit. No reason to shop the internet for them. I mean it’s going to be an important part of your day to day use when riding. Make sure you like it damn it!

-All current 3 antenna beacons are easy to use and with proper training should be functional for marking multiple burials if necessary. Train!

-remember that the combo kits from one manufacturer are just like your stock sled. They leave room for improvement in some areas. But work well enough to be sold as is.

- probes and shovels are able to be basic to elaborate. Make sure the probe will fit in the bag you chose. Should be 230cm plus in length and easy to extend with gloves on.

-Shovels get used typically more than anything else. I’m guessing you already have a preference on that. Just don’t get a plastic shovel blade.

- I am not excited to hear who peips and black diamond donates to for anti snowmobile land use agendas for items I purchased already. I would not spend my money with them again.


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Oct 2, 2014
I have Atlas 26 bag for sale in good condition and never been in an avy.
Nov 11, 2010
Salmon Arm BC
The 16L is pretty small storage wise if you don't also have a tunnel bag. The gen 2 BCA vest would be my choice for a pack. The transceiver offered in a combo pack is often the entry level and it is worth stepping up to a mid-line transceiver whereas a pro level transceiver doesn't usually add much value for the average user. In the past I have liked Pieps units but would probably go with a Mammut if I bought one today.
Oct 31, 2020
My Klim Atlas 26 was a bunk piece of crap from day one. Barely holds a charge for more than a day, and I can only get 1 pull out of a charge. Was also a hassle dealing with Klim trying to get it sent in for warranty, seemed like they wanted to come up with every excuse in the world to not address a warranty issue on my piece of crap $1k bag I bought. So given my interactions with Klim, I definitely would NOT suggest buying a Klim avy bag.


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Apr 18, 2014
Casper, WY
I have read about some trouble with Pieps Beacons not turning on or the slide getting bumped and turned off. I understand there has been some deaths do to this fact. I can't prove that there is promblem only stating what i read about. However Peips is Black Diamond and they are not for Motorized travel. The top Beacons are BCA, Mamut from what i have read in reviews. There are many good bags on the market BCA makes good stuff and the price is good. Th Klim bag is really nice along with Highmark stuff. Trying one on and getting info from others is your best bet. In the end it comes down to what fits and is comfortterable all day.
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