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What is your setup

Dec 3, 2007
team clutch

will be made to the 800 clutch setup for next trip to cooke city. I will be going back to the 417 ramps and changing the primary spring to a bl/bl 130-290 so i can drop the clickers back down from six. I would like to try a team sec. has anyone done this?

this is Bud I make a arctic cat driven to fit the 800 shaft, it works like silk adds a lot of performance ,and the belt doesnt get hot or disentegrate, one other advantage of mine the helixes cost 15.00 where the team helix costs 100.00 and are nearly impossible to change on the trail . needless to say that is why I have 50 helixes for ac clutch. On the 800 rev there is no comparison between the two clutches.
my setup

600 2006 with these mods

Team secondary tss 04 with flat 42 48 helix and red black spring
Jack shaft from sled2r
Tra 3 ultra light race clutch 286 ramp and 16 gram
Custom engine brace
800 radiator for better cooling
Retrofit swing arm from sled2r
45L gas tank with 5/8 aluminium support (Thanks Thierry)
Quick disconnect fuel line
Trail Tech Vapor
Front ski wheel kit
Pre filter on belly pan (clutch side)

Can't wait to try it :D

J&L Snowhawk

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Jan 3, 2008
Aberdeen, SD
503 set up

Quoted from another post, "Harley, i installed anti ratchet drivers on my 121" track to be able to run it a little looser then recomended. I dont think it made that big of difference though. I also ceramic coated the header and pipe when i re-jeted and that seemed to help out as far as it flowing better and keeping the temp down. Im running 180/170 mains with 50 pilots with the airscrew out 1-1/2 turns and it will bring the front end up if i exit a corner fast. Looking forward to the rollor secondary to see how it hooks up. The stock clutch im using i have two pucks out of each location and have been running 2500'-4000' feet ( when we had snow ) I would like to know if anyone has installed a holtz attack compensator on a 503 and what thier base jetting was and where they put the sensor."

Later all
Dec 26, 2007
We should be Proud of our set up's

From My experience and Your's Almost all these Mod's are manufactured through Hawker's or part's bought through our Dealer's. Thanks to everyone.


06' 600 HO outlaw

Vapor gauge --Les J&L Hawk Dealer S.D
Rox Riser's --Jason & Duyane Lamoine Hawk Dealer MI
Ported Track --myself
Custom Paint --HHGrafix.com Forest lake MN
Chain Drive Conversion --CJGodden AL
Steel Shaft --Sledr2 Utah
AC Roller ---Bud. Not sure of location.
Attack system --Les J&L
136 Conversion --Les J&L

J&L Snowhawk

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Jan 3, 2008
Aberdeen, SD
updated setup & spec. sheet

My setup is for 7-10k and for around zero to 25 degrees F
3-144 skidoo finger track ported
4-ZX2 skid with soft spring kit no spacers ice scratchers installed
5-wahl bros extroverte drivers
6-chain drive kit 14-30gears
7-clutch drive TRA 2 8.5g pins 130-290spring 228 ramps
8- clutch driven cat roller 45degree and green spring soft setting
9-jaws exhaust all stock
10-jetting 310-320 running 1200 degree exhaust temp
11- prox pod filters
12-instramentation vapor and koso EGT
14-Acerbis rally 2 hand guards
15- heated grips
16-hot dogger for when I get the munchies
17-custom grafix that add 10hp cause i need it
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Jan 25, 2008
Salmon Arm, BC
Les, what modification have you done to your airbox ?

What gear ratio did you get ? 13-28 I hope !

Just a suggestion on the clutching but a stiffer secondary spring would allow the secondary to backshift quicker and maintain a more stable RPM (especially useful if you ride between 7-10K). If you go softer on the spring and still want a stable RPM you have to lower your helix angle which might translates in less acceleration/overall potential. If you've got time try either the Cat Yellow or Red/White spring with a Straight 44. If a 136" 503 rocks with a straight 45, your 600 144" should pull a straight 44 nooo prob.

Did you take the inner sleeve off the stigner in the Jaws Pipe ? If you did, put it back you can't build enough pressure in the pipe at these elevations. Might want to try putting a more restrictive sleeve like 37-38mm ID then adjust your jetting... Thinking of testing it on the new Gen 2 Jaws Pipe that I got that's just ridiculously huge. Of course it's been designed/slightly tested for sea level elevation, Quebec/Ontario -20C temperatures... Quite a different thing when you ride at 7K at -7C (and you have 87-94 horses instead of 120...).

J&L Snowhawk

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Jan 3, 2008
Aberdeen, SD
503 clutch setup

Dialed In

I am running 180 on my (PTO) side and 170 on the (MAG)side
As far as Elevation I was doing my tests at 3500 to 4000

I finally had time to spend the day doing nothing but clutching.
So here goes: This is for the 503f.
Artic Cat secondary, 45 degree helix with the Artic Cat Red spring/white stripe.
Primary, P-85, with a Thunder shift kit, running a polaris dark blue spring with white stripe (tension on this spring is 120/310)

If you read this above on this tread you will know what all has gone on.

I have to say the below is the ticket if you have a 503f and are looking for a performance mod. Clutching on the 503f is the main perfomance mod and oh you can get so much when you do this.

I have had the primary apart 6 times today, going for a run, coming back to the trailer, tweaking the weights on each arm, putting it back together and then going for a run again.

The final end result is as follows.

Clutch engagment RPM: 3750

Top End RPM: 7230

Weight Hole #1 = 3.5g
Weight Hole #2 = 3.9g
Weight Hole #3 = 5.2g

Weight of Arm = 37.6g
Total Weight (Arm and Weights in each hole) = 50.10g

I experimented across the board and this is by far my best combination. I was very consistent in each run. Same hills steep spots and straightways.

It's all about getting the right weight placement on each arm that is for sure. Just a .5g weight movment from hole #2 to hole #3 makes a huge difference.

I know those that follow thru and do the above will love it.
I spent basically 2 months trying different combinations.
If you are not running an Artic Cat Secondary, don't bother going to a P-85. Go with the Artic Cat secondary as your first step, this will offer you the biggest gains up front, then if you so decide go with the P-85 and the thundershift kit. I do not reccomend the P-85 with out the Thundershift kit, you can do so much with the kit and the gains it offers are so worth it.

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