Welcome to the Powder Room!!


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Apr 30, 2002
Tri Cities, WA
This is the place for the ladies of our sport to hang out, and get to know other ladies that ride.

Please enjoy your visits to the new forum, but before you proceed here are a few things to remember:

1. Treat the women of Snowest with the UTMOST RESPECT they have earned it and deserve it!

2. Any comments that are chauvinist, derogatory or offensive will not be tolerated, please keep it clean and positive in nature.

3. Men are welcome to post and involve themselves in the topics related to women’s riding issues, and any inappropriate thread will be moved or deleted by the moderators.

4. In order to maintain a positive environment, please report anything that you feel is not appropriate.


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Nov 1, 2008
Rigby, Idaho
Just want to back up what Wish just said.

First and formost, this is the LADIES FORUM.

The girls have full right to BOOT any guy or any stupid comment made in this forum.

Get out of line in here, and be prepared to get your face slapped!


Scott Stiegler
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Nov 1, 1998
W Mont
Powder Room.

Very nice...this is a great idea.

I like the name too. HAHA.

I remember when "Foulded Plug" got added...we thought admin had a good sense of humor about that name and relieved "General" from all the crap that had nothing to do with sledding.
Dec 20, 2008
Radium, BC
Fabulous. Thanks for noticing we're a bit out numbered and supporting us. This might help bring out the shy ladies and encourage the exchange of ideas and experiences between women riders...all 3% of us!

Now ladies, it's up to us to keep it rollin'. :beer;


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Mar 9, 2009
Utah, land of the FLUFF!!!
Just my opinion but....

On the main page of SnoWest where the new Powder Room is displayed it says, This is the SnoWest LADIES ONLY forum. Don't you think this will scare a lot of men away from asking us ladies questions? Wouldn't it sound more friendly to put it as, this is a LADIES SECTION? Or this is for the ladies...??? I guess I just don't like the LADIES ONLY title when the men are more than welcome to ask and state their opinions about lady topics??? I can see many SW men getting all fired up after they finally notice this section and wanting a MAN'S ONLY section. It happened to me on a local Utah dirt forum. All I did was suggest a ladies section to meet more of the gals locally and ask their opinions and such. I figured having a ladies section would make it easier to find other ladies and ask specific questions in there. Instead of searching for them. Well.... I got BASHED BIG TIME. It was a very short lived forum for me.:(


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Nov 21, 2007
Marysville, WA
I'm guessing the guys will click, just to see if they can... then lurk - but not post... so yep - I agree - take the "only" out....
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